About Kay's Confetti Creations

How I Started

While organising my wedding back in 2016, I quickly discovered that venues often required biodegradable confetti to be used rather than the older alternatives.

I then struggled to find any reasonably priced dried petal confetti which would fit with my chosen theme.

That experience gave me the idea to simply create it myself for future Brides & Grooms, and so Kay's Confetti Creations was born.

About Kay's Confetti CreationsWhat I Can Do For You

I can make your perfect confetti product, in line with both your theme and budget.

Simply send me a message for a no obligation quote, I'd be happy to discuss what you have in mind!

I can create confetti mixes with a variety of different colours, depending on what you need. There are a number of standard mixes, starting from £5.50 per litre.

One litre is generally enough for 10 cones, or 15 small handfuls.

Do You Want To Know More?

Please pop me an email via the contact form with an idea of what you are looking for. Alternatively, you can find more information and product examples at www.facebook.com/kaysconfetticreations